What Our Clients Say About Our Service

“They acted discreetly and professionally in finding a suitable buyer, a buyer that retained all of our former employees, no less. They were tactful, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects involved. We truly consider ourselves fortunate to have had them as our agents, and we highly recommend Asset Marketing Group to other businesses desiring to sell.”
Cindy H.

“I would certainly recommend their service to anyone considering selling a business. You could not find more professional and knowledgeable people.”
Jerry C.

“My experience has proven them to be professional, knowledgeable and ethical in their dealings. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone desiring competent representation. “
William C.

“Although we visited with other business brokers prior to our decision to list, choosing Asset Marketing Group was really a great choice. You exceeded your promise.”
Terry P.

“I highly recommend the work of Asset Marketing Group. They not only found our buyer but ensured the closing by their persistence during the negotiation process to finalize the contract for sale.”
Larry E.

“We made a thorough search for business opportunities in the Southeast and were disappointed in the quality of service available through many "so-called" business brokers until we contacted Asset Market Group. We found their professional approach in preparing detailed presentations on each business offering to be instrumental in making the decision process much less stressful, time consuming and expensive. Their knowledge, experience and tenacity with business transfers was very helpful throughout the purchase contract negotiations and on through closing. I would highly recommend the services of Asset Marketing Group to buyers and sellers alike.”
Dennis K.

“We contracted with Asset Marketing Group, Inc. to act as our broker in finding a business to purchase. The professional expertise of Asset Marketing Group, Inc. in negotiating and closing this nearly one million dollar transaction was evident from start to finish. When the time comes to sell this property we will look to Asset Marketing Group, Inc. to represent us once again.”
Gale A. & Carol A.

“My experience with Asset Marketing Group, Inc. has proven this company to be a true asset to the business community. I have witnessed their professionalism, knowledge and negotiating skills first hand. My firm was involved in a multi-million dollar business transaction that was a fairly complex transfer and most likely would not have been consummated without the efforts of Asset Marketing Group. I do not hesitate to give my highest recommendation of Asset Marketing Group.”
Edison H.

“During the process of locating a buyer, we were kept well informed on the progress of the sale. They were at all times very professional and positive. Their ability to learn the details of our business and present to qualified candidates was impressive. We highly recommend the services of Asset Marketing Group”.
David A.

“I unhesitatingly recommend this firm to anyone contemplating working with business, commercial or real estate professionals.”
Ronald M.

“With your firm handling the business valuation, marketing presentation, meeting and qualifying potential buyers, I was able to continue my day to day work. Due to your discrete disclosure only to qualified buyers, my employees and customers were not aware of the upcoming sale until after we had the sale contract. Again, thank you for your help. I would be happy to be a reference for you and your services to anyone wishing to sell their business.”
Michael S.

“Asset Marketing Group prepared a detailed marketing presentation and worked discreetly and confidentially to find the "right" buyer for our business. Besides being financially capable of making the acquisition, the buyer found by Asset Marketing Group has an excellent business background and is a good fit for our business and our customers. Asset Marketing Group's representation made the negotiation and closing process smoother and less stressful even though our transaction involved an estate settlement.”
Ernie P.

“All of this process was handled in a discreet and confidential manner, which was a major concern of mine. I had attempted to use other brokerage services and found them to be woefully inadequate when compared to the experience level and professionalism of Asset Marketing Group.”
Jerry G.